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Why it matters?

Customer Experience (CX) drives business performance

Customer-focused business perform better enjoying 1.9x more lifetime value. *

88% of customers who’ve had a bad experience on a website will not return.

Omnichannel brand experiences lead to 89% retention vs 33% for those with a weak omnichannel strategy.

Strategy reviews

Do the right things

We conduct strategy reviews, define product portfolios, and design structures to ensure team activity and digital investment enables your current priorities and future plans.

Your challenge: Your strategy is ambitious. You know digital has a key role to play, but you are not sure if what you are doing is the correct focus or well executed. You are also uncertain about your place in a disrupted market and what your customers really want.

How we help: We use a range of research methods to analyse the market and rate your current position. We then create a powerful customer-centric vision and roadmap powered by digital technology and the capabilities to deliver it. We’ll design a structure and processes to reinforce a customer-centric design-led culture.

Impact: We’ll help you level up by putting the building blocks in place to achieve your strategy. We will empower your employees to do different things, as well as do things differently.

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Innovation design sprints

Open innovation helps make it right

We introduce new ways of working to unlock creativity and innovation. 

Your challenge: Customers are bombarded with messages and competing products. How do you ensure your offer and outputs are relevant, distinctive and timely.

How we help: We will introduce service design, agile and creative techniques to help you co-create insightful personas, outstanding campaigns, ground-breaking products, and seamless customer journeys. We’ll facilitate design sprints and foster innovation actively engaging your employees, partners and customers. We’ll help you pick the most relevant channels and media to connect with your customers.

Impact: We’ll help you build new muscle memory to maximise performance and remain relevant and memorable. Building innovation, service design and agile capabilities will  drive the best possible customer experiences, future-proofing your business.

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Impact optimisation

Prove it works 

We will help you evolve your approach to measurement using a set of proprietary tools to audit and benchmark progress and results.

Your challenge: Most organisations possess vast amounts of data, but don’t use it effectively. Others don’t collect enough.

How we help: We’ll help you set goals for your customer experience and put in place a sensible measurement approach based on your data maturity. We will support you to use available data in a timely manner to inform strategy and optimise your customer journeys, campaigns and products. We can advise on an organisational design and ways of working that will maximise your impact based on data.

Impact: We help you translate data into useful insights your employees can act upon in real time. We will help set you up to use analytics and customer insight to shape your product planning and optimise live services now and in the future. 

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Interim leadership

Spearheading change 

We take on transformational roles to help you get results quickly.

Your challenge: You need a fresh pair of eyes to review your strategy or a catalyst to get a new programme up and running. You would like someone on a temporary basis to redesign a department or get disparate teams working more closely together.  

How we help: As a seasoned leader who has started up new departments and introduced new skills and ways of working in many organisations, I can parachute in and solve complex problems. On an interim basis, I’ve joined senior leadership teams to champion digital transformation and customer experience, conduct digital strategy reviews, department restructures, lead new product development and improve existing customer journeys. My skills can be applied to many sectors. 

Impact: Renewed confidence in your strategy and capabilities. Everyone aligned around a shared vision and roadmap. My experience enables me to be dropped into challenging situations and get results. 

Workplace Culture Redesigned

Creating a customer culture

Our approach to designing a customer-centric culture boosts your business performance

Your challenge: Your organisation is not performing to its full potential. It has low customer satisfaction scores, employees are disengaged, and business targets are not being met.

How we help: We identify the cultural blockers to peak organisational performance using the Market Responsiveness Index (MRI), an award winning diagnostic and employee engagement tool. We work with you and your teams to design your workplace culture and build a customer focused change movement inside your organisation. 

Impact: The MRI pinpoints practices and behaviours that can be dialled up to help you improve. Co-designing solutions unlocks collective intelligence and builds the momentum needed for new mindsets and behaviours to embed and scale. 

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