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Social Selling is a means to developing stronger relationships leading to better business results.  It is laser-focused on your ideal clients using digital tools and social media platforms as part of a multi-channel approach.

If you are not yet using social selling or want to level up your social selling impact, our personalised performance mentoring is for you

Our live sessions are designed and delivered by Ann Longley, an award-winning digital strategist.

We work with CEOs, founders, business owners, C-suite execs and sales teams to help them understand, develop and measurably improve their social sales skills and impact aligned with their business goals and brand strategy.

Social selling can feel overwhelming. It is time-consuming to master. Don’t let these feelings paralyse you because you don’t know where to begin, how to use all the tools and functionality, or how to keep on top of fast-changing developments.

Your progress will be accelerated with personalised high intensity instruction and mentoring that is action-oriented — designed to build your confidence and get results.

We focus on how to use LinkedIn effectively to achieve your goals by starting with who you already know.

In the B2B Marketplace, LinkedIn is the number one platform.
It beats other major social networks for lead generation

LinkedIn now has 760 million users worldwide including 260 million active monthly users*

Since lockdown, LinkedIn’s usage has surged as it is a highly effective tool for developing business relationships remotely. It is part of the mix of channels used by modern sales teams in many sectors.

Adding LinkedIn into your sales mix can transform your results:

  • Sales professionals who use it for social selling are 51% more likely to exceed their sales quota than sales professionals who don’t use it for social selling.
  • Sales professionals that use LinkedIn for social selling create 45% more sales opportunities.
  • 78% of social sellers outsell their peers who don’t use social media for selling.
* Source: LinkedIn Guide to Social Selling data

Personalised training  maximises your results — here’s how it works:

Assess & Onboard 

  • Benchmark your current social selling score(s), agree your goals, and create a tailored plan based on your learning preferences and pace
  • Design a bespoke programme for you or your team(s) 

Test & Learn

  • Show you how to fully  optimise your LinkedIn profile(s) so people can find you and will want to connect with you
  • Help you find the right people to connect with based on your goals
  • Help you design a content strategy for your company page and website that is aligned with your purpose and designed to stand out

Embed and Scale

  • Support you to cultivate authentic, credible and profitable relationships aligned with your business purpose and brand values
  • Optimise content approach based on performance


What you will learn in our social selling training & mentoring

Illustrative Modules

Here’s what you get when you sign up. 

Tools and techniques that can help you save time and work efficiently are included in each module. 

Task-based assignments are given so you can trial and evaluate different contact approaches and new behaivours.

1. Introduction to Personal Branding & Social Selling principles and best practices

We’ll help you grasp how LinkedIn works and how it will help you achieve your business goals. 

2. Overview of the elements that makeup LinkedIn's Social Selling Index

We  use LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index  to benchmark your progress and develop where needed. We introduce new skills and behavours that will help you achieve your goals using smart functionality. 

3. Establishing your goals and social selling strategy

We recommend having a game plan before you begin using tools like Sales Navigator. Having a plan will ensure you use it systematically to get results efficiently. 

4. LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

How to get an all ‘all star’ profile and why you need one. You will understand how to become more visible and engaging. 

5. Creating your dream client list and how you will make contact leveraging your existing network

Knowing who you want to reach will ensure you set up your search preferences correctly. We’ll review key considerations with you as you create your wishlist and search dashboard. We’ll introduce you to buyer personas and how they can help you tailor your contact approach. 

6. How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to search for your dream clients

We’ll show you how to set up targeted searches for accounts and leads and how to organise and use the results. Overview of Team Link features and other functionality.

7. Building, evaluating, organising and growing your network

We’ll show you how to dentify 1st and 2nd-degree contacts within your network who can help you achieve your goals.

8. Overview of strategies, processes, content and templates to achieve results

The best tools in the world won’t help you if you don’t know how to use them effectively. We will help you develop your game plan so your time and effort on the platform will be fruitful.

9. Planning campaigns and content that will support your efforts

When making new contacts, sharing relevant content using Smart Links and other techniques will help you raise awareness plus assess relationship potential and interest.

10. How to effectively use Inmails to reach 3rd degree connections

Planning and the right value proposition is required to get results with Inmail. We’ll review what works and what doesn’t so that you can use Inmails effectively.

11. Overview of LinkedIn's advertising options

Campaign use cases and how they can be used in tandem with other LinkedIn content and marketing activity.

12. Brand reputation, employee engagement, and social media policy considerations.

How to support your Sales Team to represent your company and get results by empowering them with digital tools and guiding principles. How to make the most of LinkedIn in tandem with other platforms. 

A service tailored to your needs & learning style from a highly experienced consultant who has worked with top company executives 

Consultant & Founder

Ann Longley

Founder, Something New Together

An award-winning brand strategist and digital leader, Ann has worked across sectors for 20+ years designing and delivering cutting-edge products, services, and campaigns that modernise brands and future proof organisations. She is a highly regarded teacher and facilitator having worked at the University of Greenwich for close to a decade as a Visiting Lecturer.

She is in the top 1% in her industry for social selling and has achieved great results professionally using LinkedIn. Ann created this training programme to help SME businesses owners and founders leap ahead during the pandemic.

We’ve worked with many great organisations, public, private & non-profit

Companies we've worked with
“Ann is an excellent teacher and expert in her field. She is clear, creates a safe atmosphere and encourages students to apply their learning and to keep bang up-to-date. Ann was a dedicated, collaborative and talented member of the teaching team at the University of Greenwich for ten years. Beyond the lecture hall, Ann went out of her way to help students and alumni. She was highly respected and liked by students.”
Dr. Nicky Garsten

Associate Professor , University of Greenwich

“Ann has been a great friend and counsel to the communications team at the University of Greenwich in London for over 10 years, helping with lectures and development of programmes. With her expertise around social media, branding and communications, she has been able to share her considerable and relevant industry experience with the students.

She has a real flair with the students and they love her sessions, as she is such a good communicator and brought real life experience into the lectures and seminars. She has brought fresh insights into developing areas of communications practice such as around brand communities and the co-creation of content.

Her work at a senior level with organisations has been particularly beneficial for the students and academic team giving us strategic insight into the use of social media, PR and branding. The University of Greenwich has been lucky to have Ann as a great friend and supporter and strongly recommend her and her work.”

Mark Phillimore

Senior Lecturer, University of Greenwich Business School

“Ann’s passion for digital, coupled with her in-depth knowledge and wealth of real-world insight, enables her to bring the subject to life in a way which is not just engaging, but inspiring. Learning from – and working alongside – Ann over the years has helped me to build a career centred around an understanding of digital platforms, and the role they play in connecting and developing people and organisations.”

Ryan Dubras

Global Communications Manager (internal and external), We are Social

Key benefits of our high intensity training & coaching
– what you get when you enroll

Techniques to increase connections and sales results

Profile optimisation tips so you are visible, engaging and demonstrate value

Useful tips and tools to accelerate platform use

Templates to develop relationships and open up opportunities

Alignment with your brand and business strategy

New behaviours that get measurable results

Strategies to help you cultivate profitable business relationships

Insight into your existing network so you can leverage its full potential

The skills to create and expand your network of quality contacts

How to use Sales Navigator's powerful search capabilities to find your dream clients

Increased sales productivity — focused on getting results

Enhanced personal and company reputation

People love our learning approach!

“An awesome session – thank you!”

Steve Jones

MD, Skills for Business

“One of the most interesting and dynamic sessions I’ve done for a while. Thank you!”

Chris Wales

Chief Information Officer, CIPFA, Digital Programme Manager

“Loved the session!… Myself and my 2 colleagues were all on the session & all said how useful it was. I’ve also signed up for the follow-up materials you referenced.”


Digital Transformation Programme Manager, Local Government

“ A fantastic session, very interactive and informative!!! :-)”


Digital Programme Manager

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