Case Studies

We’ve worked with many fantastic organisations on their transformation journeys. Here are few of their change  stories.

Digital transformation inside the UK's largest Conservation Charity

Challenge  Review digital activity against organisational strategy.  Make recommendations to Executive Team and Board of Trustees.

Approach Audits, stakeholder interviews, workshop.

Results Increased confidence in the direction of travel and a comprehensive check list to take impact to the next level.

Improving the on-boarding experience for young people.

Challenge The charity helps young people gain skills for employment and start businesses. It only serves a small proportion of young people who request assistance.

Approach Analysed current journeys, established a cross functional team to provide multi-disciplinary input, conducted customer research, defined business process changes, made website improvements.

Results  Increased enquires by 15% by optimising current website journeys; created a plan for a new on-boarding  process leading to reduced drop off.

Revisioning the way humanitarian aid is dispersed

Challenge  The humanitarian aid sector knows it could be disrupted. It also recognises modnernisation is needed to ensure it is operating with maximum efficiency leveraging the latest technology.

Approach Research into aid modalities and 4IR technologies that could improve efficiencies and the timeliness of aid dispersal,  stakeholder interviews, design sprint workshops, conceptual prototyping, user testing.

Results Moved the organisation from talking about the problem into doing something about it. Using service design techniques, we defined an initial goal, generated multiple creative solutions, and rapidly developed a prototype. We created a roadmap for ongoing iterative product development and business process change to transform responses in relevant disaster scenarios.