Debi Garrod

Debi is a highly accomplished Corporate Psychologist, strategic facilitator, coach and trainer who has shaped employee engagement and customer cultures with a wide spectrum of clients including IBM, Virgin Trains, Goodwood Estate, Abu Dhabi, Department of Economic Development.

Debi’s purpose is to inspire, engage and create a thriving work environment that is a happy, healthy place. Her focus is to enable a customer-centric culture to unleash and enhance human and organisational flourishing.  Her philosophy is based on the premise that to engage others we need to be engaged ourselves.

Debi Garrod

Corporate Psychologist

Why us

SNT provides bespoke services directly to clients, mobilising teams through a trusted network of collaborators, to deliver measurable results. 

This flexible model enables us to hand-pick colleagues to meet your needs. We work with experienced practitioners, like Debi, who will bring complementary skills and diversity into your team. 

We also regularly launch new services based on our collaborations. 

Recasting your workplace for pandemic resilience

‘No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it’ Einstein

This pandemic gives us – both as individuals and organisations – an opportunity to pause, reflect and reset. We have pioneered an approach to human-driven tech-enabled sustainable transformation. Explore it through a series of interactive workshops and a rapid learning pathway. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to rebound out of this period stronger supported by technology. Emerge stronger and with greater resilience. We’ll give you an easy-to-follow framework to redefine your culture and ways of working, so they are fit for purpose for these turbulent times. 

Please contact us to find out more or read further here.

“Deb’s positive energy fills the room, drawing people out from behind their wall of excuses to face and create a better spontaneous moment, or a more meaningful lifelong change. In other words: Deb makes change fun!”

Robbie Grigg

Senior Lecturer, Games Design, Breda University of Applied Sciences

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